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Tricia, A Kindred Spirit!

When I met Tricia, I instantly loved her. A bride after my own heart, she LOVED paper and all the details! The wedding invite was of utmost importance to her. After all it does set the tone for that “Perfect Day!!”

Her color palette was so soft and so beautiful, a coral, a sea-foam and gold accents. Tricia wanted understated elegance, so we started with the GOLD Accents on the invite and popped their names in a beautiful Gold Matte Foil and added some Coral. Notice the hand calligraphy as well on her suite. This was done by Debi of Blooming Quill. http://www.bloomingquill.com/.

The envelope lining had some great “pom pom” flowers on it in the coral with a touch of soft mint ones too. It all created a beautiful suite, and complimented her entire wedding perfectly. Below are a few images from the amazing Sara DiCiccio. And check out her BLOG post to see all the images and how she captured the love between Tricia and Jerry! Enjoy!!!!






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