Place Cards vs. Escort Sets

Hot pink and orange place cards bat mitzvah seating cards

We often get asked “what’s the difference between a place card and an escort set?”

We think of the distinction as, an escort set escorts guests to their table, while place cards seat guests to their place setting. Once a traditional and expected practice, providing escort sets AND place cards are a less popular practice in today’s weddings and events. It’s just too daunting and time-consuming to seat each and every guest to a specific chair. Really, who has that kind of time? Certainly for petite events, 40 guests and smaller, it’s a personal and elegant touch that every super-entertainer can use to create interesting conversation and consistent energy at the table. But while thoughtful, it’s still work figuring out who would enjoy sitting next to each other or who should be seated at opposite ends of the table.

But in all practicality, today’s savvy party hosts tend to keep things simple by choosing to escort their guests to a dinner table and skipping the rest. We hear clients ask for place cards, seating cards, escort cards, escort sets, and host cards. Frankly, it doesn’t matter to us what they’re called as long as they serve the purpose at hand. “What table am I seated at?”

[Photo: Pictures by Todd]

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