We’re in Love with Paper Pom Pom Decorations! (and apparently, so are you!)

Our hand-made, tissue paper pom pom decorations currently lining our front store windows are getting sensational attention from the ladies who lunch! Or, at least, the ladies who are planning baby and bridal showers, birthday parties, and fun celebrations for their friends and family. Clients can’t get enough of these little happy poofs of paper and we can’t seem to keep them in the store! We’re taking custom orders for the pom poms and they are now available in every possible color in the rainbow in three different sizes. In fact, if you want polka dot pom poms, we’ve got ’em!  If we’ve got the paper, we’ve got the paper pom poms for your next chic shower! We’ve even strung them on ribbon, string, and monofilament so that hanging is a breeze!

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